McGrory’s Hotel is in the perfect place for exploring by bike! They even have bike parking facilities which is great to see and a sure sign of a friendly welcome for cyclists. Sign into Strava (or join for free) to view or download our suggested cycles from the hotel, or follow the Inishowen 100 for a real challenge.

The ‘100’ is a glorious, scenic 100 mile loop around the whole peninsula; there are some serious climbs involved too! You can also break it down and take the sections before and after Culdaff as separate loops – take Culdaff to Malin Head and back one day, and Culdaff to Moville, Greencastle and back another day.

Pink Route – Inishowen 100

If you’d rather take it a bit easier there are lots of lovely country roads in the area just around McGrory’s. Our historical loop is less than 15km total – that should take the most leisurely cyclist an hour at the most. Allow yourself two however, as this road brings you past historical sites which you will want to explore! First in Clonca there are the ruins of a 17th century church, and in the field alongside it a carved high cross. The two sites are connected and you can cross in to get a good look at the cross. If you then walk away from it and down the field you will find the ornate head of a classic Celtic cross fallen in the grass.

Clonca Church and High Cross

Back on the bike then and you will have a short climb up and off the main road to the Bocan stone circle. It’s in a field on the left just as you turn off the main road. This megalithic site is in a working field, so please exercise caution around livestock and be sure to close the gate.

From there follow that road as suggested in the Strava route – it brings you up along Glebe and while that’s a bit of a climb the views and descent are totally worth it! After an exhilarating downhill follow the coast along the beach and it loops back to the hotel.

Admiring the view at Culdaff beach

If that seems a bit too short for your liking then you can get all the way to Moville completely off the beaten track. Avoiding the main roads this is a very peaceful, scenic route, and is about 15km of cycling in total to the seaside town of Moville. Once there the rider can follow the same route back, take the main roads back, or add to the day by heading on towards Greencastle and Shroove.

Cycle Inishowen provide Ordnance Survey maps with bike hire, but we would also recommend you download the Strava routes if you would like to follow back roads for a quieter cycle. Enjoy!