This seems the appropriate day to bring up the worst-kept secret in Ireland – the cast and crew from Star Wars are here in Inishowen!

Other-worldly beauty at Malin Head

Other-worldly beauty at Malin Head

The rumours had been flying for months that some scenes for 2017’s Episode VIII would be filmed here; with B&B’s and hotels block-booked and everyone being weirdly quiet about it… The rumours have now been confirmed however, with four days of filming scheduled at Malin Head over the next couple of weeks. The production teams are here; getting to work on set building, and have even made a temporary road in order to have access to the most far-removed spots of Inishowen wilderness.

Everyone involved has signed confidentiality agreements, and the access points are under surveillance by security guards, so it’s hard to say much more on what they are actually doing! Apparently they have even managed to implement some sort of boat ban, so we can at least be fairly certain they are using a lot of coastal shots.

Malin Head is so remote, rugged and windswept that you can easily imagine it belonging to a galaxy far, far away… and it really is a great testament to our unspoiled, natural surroundings here in Inishowen that Disney and Lucas Films have selected Malin Head. Of course, as soon as the news broke everyone was PhotoShopping storm troopers and the like into their shots of the headland; but the ultimate winners have to be Farren’s Bar, for their amazing mural. Next time you’re in the area you’ll just have to get a photo with that – and go in for a pint, the Guinness is great and it’s the most northerly pub in Ireland!

Malin Head pub pays homage to Star Wars

Star Wars Mural at Farren’s Bar

In other news you’ll find it a bit of a struggle to get accommodation anywhere around Malin Head for the next couple of weeks, but there are loads of lovely other hotels, B&B’s and hostels to choose from in Inishowen. There are some planned road closures from the 13th to 15th of May, so they may not be the best days to try to plan your cycle to Malin Head. But hey, who’s up for Star Wars tours next year?! Oh yeah.