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Bikes & Equipment

Most importantly, the bikes work perfectly. If you’ve ever rented bikes on vacation before, you know how rare and precious such a find is, especially at such a reasonable price. The owners are clearly cyclists (and mechanics) who have thought through exactly what makes for a pleasant (and safe) bike ride.

We use Ridgeback Velocity hybrid bikes, available in frame sizes; 15”, 17”, 19”, 21” and 23”. These bikes have Shimano gears and brakes to ensure smooth shifting and rapid stopping. All of our bikes are fitted with mudguards and luggage racks. With the combination of a wide range of frame sizes, adjustable seat and handlebars, and our experience you will have a really well fitting bike which is important if you are covering any kind of distance. The bikes are thoroughly checked over by a mechanic before and after every hire to ensure they are always in top condition for your use. We are trained in cycling proficiency and safety so if you have any queries in this regard we can supply authoritative advice. We try as much as possible to keep away from busy roads. When our routes do incorporate main roads we use stretches that are wide enough for safe cycling. You will find motorists here to be considerate and patient as it is quite common to be held up on the road by tractors and other slow-moving farm machinery. We have children’s bikes for kids aged around nine upwards. Tag-a-longs, trailers and child seats are available for younger children along with all appropriate safety equipment. All bikes are provided complete with lock, water bottle, panniers and handlebar bag. As experienced touring cyclists we know the value of a good map so you will be provided with an Ordnance Survey map of the area to complement our own route map and information. This way you can feel confident to break off from the route if you would like to explore. The maps can be stored in the transparent pouch of the handlebar bag for ease of use. A helmet and high visibility jacket will be supplied for your safety. The jacket is also water resistant in case you get caught in any showers. Although we use high spec puncture resistant tyres on our bikes you can never completely eliminate the possibility of flats so a pump, puncture repair kit and spare inner tube will be provided. Don’t worry if you have never fixed a puncture as we can come out to do this for you. A mobile phone can be provided so that you can always get in touch with us. If you would prefer we can show you how to fix minor problems such as punctures before you go out on the road so that you can feel more self-reliant.

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